Unmonday Model 4.3 Wireless Speaker

Listening to music should not involve a mess of wires or a complicated hardware pairing process. This is why we created an elegant, easy-to-use speaker with some seriously fantastic technology hidden inside the vitro porcelain enclosure. We made it look sleek and sound amazing. As an added bonus, it is the world’s first truly wireless speaker system that allows you to shape your sound to perfectly fit your changing audio needs.

With Unmonday Model 4.3 shape and sound go hand in hand – there is a motion sensor inside so each of the six sides represents an audio channel. By rotating the device, choose Front/Rear Right and Front/Rear Left or Center, and go from Mono (one unit) to multi-room or full Surround sound (up to five units). Tilt your speaker upside down and it goes mute. Set up your preferred sound system and stream music or sound from you iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac through AirPlay. Unmonday Model 4.3 is an Apple native which means no hassle - just pure audio bliss.

We want you let you enjoy your speaker for years to come which is why both hardware and software can be updated. Software updates are automatically available for all our registered users and both vitro porcelain enclosure and the inside components can be updated if needed.

Please note that the vitro porcelain enclosure and canvas grills are handmade. Each speaker is therefore unique and slight variations in appearance may occur from unit to unit.

Unmonday Model 4.3 ships with User Manual, Snow White Canvas Grill (100% Recycled PES), Mouse Grey Felt Pad (100% Wool) and Power Cord (EU or UK).

NOTE! Make sure you choose the right power cord version upon ordering (EU or UK).

Technical Information:

Dimensions (WxHxD): 230 x 205 x 225 mm
Dimensions (WxHxD): 9.05 x 8.07 x 8.86 in
Weight: 3.8 kg
Colours / Enclosure: White Vitro Porcelain
Colours / Canvas Grill: Snow White, 100% Recycled PES
Integrated Power Supply: 110 - 240 VAC input, 26 VDC output
Battery:  Li-ion, 6S1P, 2600 mAh
Battery time: 8 hrs
Power Supply Housing: Plastic
Power Amplifier: Class D 20 W
Speaker Driver: 6” Full Range Speaker, MarkAudio Alpair Gold 10.3, Unmonday Edition
External Connections: 3.5 mm Line-input
Wireless Receiver: WiFi Apple AirPlay
Motion Sensor: 3 Axis

Designed and assembled in Finland. 

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